I visited the store on a recommendation from another vape shop searching for a possible discontinued flavor. I was blown away by the shear volume of flavors, all premium. They had some great sales going on and outstanding customer service from the gentleman behind the counter. In my quest for a particular juice the owner himself got involved and is making every effort to fulfill my request. Very pleased with the whole experience. Thanks Mike!!! Keep up the good work!

Julia J.

Love the juice selection bc it's the biggest with un WNY! As well as good customer service, I see people that walk in straight faced and come out smiling with a purchase of some sort, or bc they workers or owners made their day better by making them laugh, or making them feel welcomed.

Taz L.

Great service, great atmosphere. Staff is always willing to help and crack acouple jokes while you're there. Owner is a great guy, knows a lot about his products, as well as the staff. Highly recommend.

Rutsy B.

Great experiences every time I go there. They have a large selection of eliquids and mods and I always get help with picking out the right flavors(I'm a very indecisive person). Me and my girlfriend have been going there for about a year and will continue for as long as we can.

Luke A.

Just left the store got a lot of info ... so I spend some money with this place it's very well stocked and this particular employee taz knows his stuff ... promote that man!!!!

Cornelius R.

Best place to go locally. Plenty of options for premium juice - they only have the best. Mike - keep up the great work. Glad my gf introduced me to your store.
Lifetime customers here.

Chris H.

I walked in asked a question and idk if maybe I'm being a little over sensitive but the guy who helped me out made me feel dumb for not using the right terminology I mean he was a little rude too but I'm not giving the shop a bad review just the person who helped me out.

Ryley W.


Danielle R.

Super good juice and almost at 5 stars so i thought i would help get to that goal lol! Super home-like inside, and whenever i have a problem with my vape they know exactly how to fix it.

Karley M.

The younger guy working was super helpful and answered all my questions and helped me find exactly what I needed.

Kira T.